Apr 18, 2017

It Came From The toy chest: Excuuuuuuuuse Me, Princess!

Hey! My Link Quotes are a bit limited: "Hyah! Yaah! Eh?" wouldn't be as eye-catching as the infamous Link Quote... I could have gone with "I'm so Hungry I could eat an Octorock!"
This is Skyward Sword Link... I haven't played that game either... but he looks Adult-Link-Like AND it doesn't look exactly like OOT Link. There's something about him that looks like a mix of Old School AND Twilight Princess-like. small notice: He reeks like the Game of Thrones figures.

This Link is decently articulated, but I think the Link Between Worlds Link has better Articulation. One thing is that I can move the toes on this one... but not the cap.

Paint and Sculpt:

Mine has a defect on the Scabbard that won't let me put the sword all the way in... What is it with me being unlucky with Japanese Figures? Other than that, the sculpt is pretty great on the figure.
The Paintjob is a bit too muted for Skyward Sword. Feels more appropriate with Twilight Princess, which made it a plus for me.

As far as I know, there is no Deluxe version of this figure. So I'm not missing out on weapons like the Link Between Worlds Link.
He has:
Master Sword
Hylian Shield
Slash Effect
1 Extra Face
1 Extra Hairpiece
8 Extra Hands ( I don't show them all since swapping the hands is a scary experience.)

Now that I definitely have a 100% Legitimate Figma Figure, I can compare them to SH Figurarts and I got to say that I prefer Figuarts over Figma, but with all that said, Link gets a 4.67 as his final score.
Articulation issues and the damaged Scabbard stopped Link from Reaching Perfection. Now I have to add an issue with the shield where the hand guard keeps popping off and the strap holding the shield to his forearm keeps unplugging...

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