Apr 17, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: The Closest thing to an Era of Decline Link

I got a Link Between Worlds Figma... It seems to be legit, but incomplete. The 2D Wall hugging Link wasn't anywhere in my box. Now, not sure if that's normal or if I ended up with a Bootleg...

Now what's the big deal about the Link Between Worlds Link vs say The Other Links?

Well, here's some old School Link Art

So, first we have the Pre-Ocarina of time Links: Original Flavor, The "Adult Link" from AoL, the Link to the Past Link, which is what the Link Between Worlds resembles the most, and the Ocarina of Time younger Link. 
 As I mentioned before, It was a Pre-Ocarina game that brought me back to Zelda, so I have a predilection towards the Pre-Ocarina Links. While This Link is a Post-Ocarina Link (The Master Sword and Hylian Shield are very post-OOT) his vibe is Old School Link.

Screw you, Spike...

It's one of my Guilty Pleasures...

This Link has a decent amount of articulation. His joints are tight for the most part. Some parts pop off here and there, which makes me question the legitimacy of this figure a little bit. He can pull off most Link Poses, but mine can't bend at the toes and I ain't forcing that.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt on this figure is great! It captures the Pre-OOT Link Look from ALTTP perfectly. If I were to paint his hair in a slightly darker Brown, I could have a Link Between LoZ and AoL.
The paint job is really great, but there's either a scratch or some silver slop on the Hylian Shield.

-Master Sword
-Hylian Shield
-4 Extra Hands (mine got two right open palm hands, which make me question the legitimacy of this figure)
-Possibly missing the 2D Link.

ALBW Link gets a 4.0 as his final score. If this figure is a Bootleg, then it's a million times better than the Snake Bootleg and an upcoming Bootleg Review. If you're an old school Legend of Zelda fan and need a cheaper Link, get this one... Personally speaking, I should have sprung up more cash for the Deluxe version.

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