Apr 19, 2017

Aladdin in Live Action? Aw Hell Naw!!

Yup! That's right! Disney is going to ruin Aladdin now... I know what you're thinking...
Jungle Book wasn't bad... aside ScarJo as Kaa... and you LOVED Beauty and the Beast!
OK I did like Beauty and the Beast... Wasn't too sold on Luke Evans as Gaston or Hermione as Belle and the Super Gay scene was a joke... I loathed Cinderella, but that's mostly because of my utmost dislike towards Helena Boham Carter. So, 2 out of 3 isn't that bad... I mean 2 out of 4, cause I forgot Maleficent and also I'm not counting Alice... otherwise it'd be 2 out of 6... Well, now I already mentioned that they're also doing the Lion King... Did you know that James Earl Jones is Reprising Mufasa and that Bueller has been replaced... Not by a talking arm, but by Donald Glover. They better bring back Jeremy Irons as Scar...

Well, Aladdin is coming... Who could play Genie? I mean, Replacing Robin Williams is really hard...
Out of the top of my head I can only think of Gabriel Iglesias would be an acceptable solution

But Nooooooooo! The "Geniuses" at the House of Mouse are thinking:

Yes, Jaden's father... The Fresh Douche of Bel Air himself!

Total Miscast...
Here's the thing: We'll get Blockbuster Will Smith, which is basically him playing Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith. We'll also get his trademark

added somewhere because Getting Jiggy with it! Spike! Roll the Rarity clip!

What were they thinking!? Stop snorting 35 year old cocaine out of a hooker's butt crack!

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