Sep 28, 2016

Really, Disney? Really? and Hot Wheels?

Of all the movies you could "remake into Live Action" you had to choose THAT Movie?
I mean, you screwed Alice... Cinderella was so-so. .. Ruined Sleeping Beauty, Then The Jungle Book was made "live Action" You did Beauty and the Beast, coming soon. Now you're doing WHAT!?

Yup, Jon Favreau is now doing Hamlet with African Animals.
I'm here like:

First, there's no Humans in The Lion King, so Live Action is totally Pointless. You mean CGI Remake for The Lion King with a Different cast.
Second WHY REMAKE THE LION KING!? That movie is perfect as it is... OK not Perfect Perfect, but you know what I mean. This is not Pocahontas that could be remade into a more historically accurate version of the story, or say Ursula: a Little Mermaid movie focused on the evil sea witch.
Or Aladdin with Jasmine wearing more clothes and a Genie with 100% no Robin Williams (which would make the movie suck massive ass.) Or maybe, Frozen, live action... Relieve Let it go without Adelle Dazeem!

I don't get this. Freaking Lion King!?

Hot Wheels movie with a Fast and Furious Director... Let that sink in... I know I made a joke about Hot Wheels being Fast and Furious but with Orange Tracks, but come on! The Director from various Fast and Furious movies will be directing a Mattel Movie based on Racing Cars through various "Action and Adventure" sets... It sounds like a Great idea, Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut This is basically having the director rip himself off. Kinda like Chu did with Jem after doing the Bieber movies.
My fear is that this movie will lose the Hot Wheels identity and become a CLONE of the Fast and Furious movies. Mandatory Vin Diesel Cameo is Mandatory, in a non-serious role.

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