Sep 20, 2016

She-Hulk is now Hulk... Looks like Cho wasn't awesome enough!

She- Hulk will now be basically Bruce Banner with Boobs... Seems like the House of Ideas has run out of ideas. Roughly a year ago, I commented about Marvel Replacing Banner with Amadeus Cho as a "Totally awesome" Hulk in full control of his powers. Now they're taking She-Hulk, removing the control she had of her Powers so she can be all HULK SMASH! RAWR! thing that used to be Bruce's. All that To control the Raging Spirit that dwells within Bruce shtick is now Jen's.

This is the kind of crap that people complain about... Thor is now Jane Foster. Ironman is a Teenage Black Girl and now She-Hulk is Hulk and An Asian Teen is also Hulk... Also, Falcon is Captain America while Steve is a Nazi...

Why must She-Hulk become a Cheap Banner knock-off when she has been her own character, completely different from Hulk, even if she has his abilities? That's the problem that SJWs don't understand. Comicbook fans aren't against diversity. They are against replacing NON-Legacy Characters with minorities for the sake of filling quotas. Ironman can be replaced to an extent, since the powers are in the armor. But Thor... Thor is Thor, whether he is worthy of Mjolnir or not. Having Jane call herself Thor is what gets people rubbed the wrong way.

Let's put it this way: You have a friend who is a NASCAR Driver, let's call him Jerry. He hurts his arms on a race and cannot race until he recovers. His team grabs the guy's Latina Girlfriend, Marissa and they start calling her Jerry and have "FemJerry" drive the Real Jerry's car at various NASCAR races. She's an even better racer than Jerry and she won various races AS Jerry.

Why must Marissa become Jerry in order to race? Why can't Marissa simply become a NASCAR Driver in her own way?

It's Lazy to replace characters when the replacements are going to become copies of the original... Didn't they learn the lesson 20 years ago? (Holy crap! It's been 20 years! I'm OLD!!!) when they Replaced Peter Parker with Peter Parker? They killed Bruce Banner, now we have Cho, Jenn, and I think Rulk is still around? That's 3 Different Hulks all of them Different... but the same. All seem to have a degree of control of their powers. Following Ross being the thing he hates the most and getting to understand his plight a bit better seems interesting. Jenn's more upbeat attitude to the Gamma powers she accidentally received is interesting on its own way... so much that Amadeus is basically male She-Hulk on paper.
If you were going to kill Banner just to bring a character who was going to be acting like Banner, why not just simply NOT KILL BANNER in the first place.

I thought things were bad back when Gwen boned with the Goblin...


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