Sep 8, 2016

So, NECA Shredder sold out...

And Apparently, THEY DO SHIP TO PUERTO RICO!! I was able to order a set... Puerto Rico counted as a "state" within the available options. Now I will have to wait... But dude, the Fabled NECA Shredder might be in my hands soon! I may need to get some of the Bootleg NECA TMNT... My official ones were repainted in a Playmates Vintage Toy inspired Palette. (A set in Comic Book Colors would be a great match for this Shredder and Foot.)
I know the Fred Wolf TMNT Fan in Me is yelling: GET A PLAYMATES ROCKSTEADY AND BEBOP!! The Utrom can be Krang...

Now there is ONE thing I'd like the most... OK, there's two, but the first is:

Hamato Yoshi's Pet Rat.

Unconscious April looks VERY naughty!!!

The Poor Man's copy of Sportsmaster, now played by Green Arrow.

With those two, I complete the Most CORE CORE CORE CORE Characters of TMNT.
(also, with Casey they can reuse PART of the Foot body.)

But I know that this will not satiate Mirage TMNT fans or TMNT fans in general.
Now here's a list of characters I'd like to see made by NECA to complement the Already made releases. Of course Pigs will fly, Hell will freeze over, etc. before these happen... Here's the top 5 most wanted TMNT Characters (and Usagi) to be NECA-ized... AFTER Casey and Splinter are made.

Let's get Usagi out of the way since I mentioned him.

In MOST TMNT Media, Usagi Yojimbo's main Character Miyamoto Usagi, has made an appearance.
Also, Some of Usagi's parts could be shared with Master Splinter. (Taking into consideration NECA's a smaller company than say, Mattel; the whole parts reuse thing needs to be greatly considered in order to see some characters... That's why you see so many repaints of certain characters like NES graphics T-800, pixel art Shredder, etc.)
Baxter Stockman

Well, 2009 gave us April O' Neil with 2 Mousers, then there was the 3 Mousers set, so Mousers could use a rerelease and Baxter Stockman is the perfect excuse for us to get them.


This would have to be a pack on its own, due to their sheer size. (I'd say 3 for $90) They'd need to be a multi-pack to justify their mold (parts reuse again...)

Rat King

The only Problem with Rat King is that his body has very little parts reuse. Other than that, he's kind of an important "one-shot" character, especially for Splinter... Also, Black and White or "Ghost Variant" could work as an additional exclusive.


While she has MANY Outfits (Like Lady Shredder) I chose the plain Dark "Catsuit" for a single reason: An April 2.0... Last April was a bit limited. Making Karai in this outfit could allow for a redone April, or if NECA still has the April Molds, REUSE some of those parts to make Karai. Also, a Karai + Foot Clan Pack would allow for more Foot Ninja.

My Last Pick is...
The Fugitoid!!

The Only Reason I added Triceratons to the mix was to add The Fugitoid.

Now all of these (the 6 mentioned Plus Splinter and Casey) could make the MIRAGE TMNT line feel like a decently completed line... at least at A-List (Higher end B-List folks go)
You have the Turtles and the Foot to pair off, or the Turtles + Fugitoid vs the Triceratons and the Foot Japan vs The Foot New York, you have Splinter who can be paired off with Rat King or the Mousers and an April that can confront Stockman. Not to mention displaying Usagi and Leo, or Karai and Leo.

While yes, the Shredder and the Foot CAN give the line some Closure, getting a few folks out can expand it and keep it "complete" if done correctly... (Translation Nickelodeon and Playmates easing up on the cockblocking)

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