Sep 14, 2016

shapeways End of Summer extravaganza #6 He-Ro's Grave by Freeman's Mind Toys

Yes, I'm aware that End of Summer is the title of a Hentai Mini Series... I think I'll watch it while eating some snickerdoodles. (I'm sure Mr. Freeman will get the reference)
This is the SMALLER VERSION OF The He-Ro Grave Tombstone that FMT has available on Shapeways. He has a larger version that it's available through him, but I currently lack the details. Maybe he'll chime in on the comments.
As you can see, white on white on gray is a pain in the ass to get a decent pic of the item... Let me Bob Ross the devil out of it so we can see some of the details.

I TRIED to get as close as possible to Castle Grayskull's palette, but failed. It's Kinda close, but not an EXACT match.
I didn't notice this until I painted the Grave. the Keyhole is Meant as a nod to Scareglow's Reliquary.
Now do you notice something else?
A faint relief of a Skull? Does it look a bit Familiar?
Cause it does to me... Where oh where have I seen this? yup! The Filmation Throne for Castle Grayskull... Something that could end up being ridiculously expensive if made by third parties...

It's kinda awesome and weird at the same time because this item is meant to be 200X but here it is with Filmation stuff.

But now that I have it in hand, I may need to stop being lazy and restart, then finish the Graveyard of Grayskull diorama that has been a concept that I've had for years. (Now I need to find tons of small graves... Hopefully Halloween decorations won't fail me this year!!)

It's a small Diorama Piece. There isn't much to say about it. You paint it, set it and forget it! The best place to set it is somewhere near Castle Grayskull.

Savage Ax review coming Soon!!!

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