Sep 11, 2016

Round 5 of Shapeways end of summer Madness: Savage Mace!

Another Item from one of my Favorite Shapeways Masters, DJForce! This one is meant to go on the Triangular Rack from Barbarossa... Well, The Next Item from DJForce is meant to go there too!

As you can see here, the Mace is a Flail, which Mattel never made for us. They did make a brand new Mace on Castle Grayskull, but that Mace screams LODAR more than Triangular rack.
Fans do what Mattel won't... So DJForce made the Savage Mace, inspired by the art on your left.

As you can see, the Mace is NOT an exact Replica of the Art because translating a 2D item into 3D doesn't always mean it'll be EXACTLY THE SAME. I mean look at that Wimpy BALL in the art... DJForce made that ball HEFTY! HEFTY! HEFTY!
 The one thing I'm not too fond of is the super short chain. It's accurate to the Material, so it's more of a PERSONAL ISSUE, not an issue with the item itself. Another thing I don't like is that it comes with a pre-made Plastic Chain. Again, it's not an issue with it being "wrong" it's a Personal Preference issue. I COULD just cut the chain and add a Metal chain and call it a day. I most likely will not out of laziness.

It coming with a pre-made chain saved me the hassle of dealing with small metal chains, even if I prefer those to plastic chains. Ignoring my personal preferences and taking a more objective view, this flail is badass. The spiky tips hurt a little bit when pushing my finger on them... TRULY an Adult Collectible display piece! It won't prick your finger but it CAN be a little painful.

Now putting it on the Rack is where the magic is at.
Once you have it with the Shield and Blasters and Ax (BTW DJForce has versions of ALL of the Rack's weapons on his shop.) the rack takes a new life of its own. I may eventually buy the rest of the Rack Weapons, so far the Rack looks amazeballs with the weapons on it... Also, The Ax is the next DJForce Item to review... which may not mean that it's the next Item to be reviewed, since the Pattern has been alternating between DJForce's stuff and stuff from other Shapeways Masters. The last item from this mini series of reviews will be the Ax. No big finish since I revealed it too soon and it's an Ax. It can chop your enemies' limbs and make you hear the lamentation of their women.

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