Sep 11, 2016

Odds and ends 9/11/16 CM Punk actually fought!

Chicken Man Punk showed that he isn't a Yellow Bellied Coward ALL THE TIME. I thought he was going to duck out of this fight and blame his bad back.

At least the WWE Mic Skills were useful to Punk... Now to be fair, the fact that he actually showed up is something that we must applaud.

In any case here's a more exciting fight than Punk's

Mr. Supah Ninjas himself, Ryan Potter wants to be a Robin... Of course it wouldn't be Penis Grayson, nor Jason Deader than Aerith Todd... It would be for Tim Drake, the Robin he is gunning for. Kid has the moves that could work for Tim. The Slight Problem I see is his Asian-ess... Put down the phones and stop writing the mean posts on Tumblr and mentioning the Current Year. What I mean is that Tim Drake is a Hwite Cis Male... and Comic Book Purists would like to see that preserved. And if I complain about Race Changes, I must complain about ALL OF THEM. Whitewashing or False Diversity.

We also don't know the direction DC is going and even if there even WILL BE A TIM DRAKE in the Snyderverse or if he'll fit the more Dark Cheerless Universe.

Please... The Rock is the cause for the delay? I thought that the Third movie was killed in order to reboot and have a Shared Hasbro Universe... And Seriously, Retaliation came out in 2013... The Rock is busy until 2019... They killed Duke... Starting over from scratch would be a better idea... Also, Jon M. Chu is not a good name to bring out after JEM and the Biebergrams. Wait, they are bringing DJ Caruso... Oh, he directed two movies with Praise God for the Beef... and is working on a sequel to Vin Diesel's XXX... ( I mean the third one in the series, cause #2 was with Ice Cube)

Ugh! I should be sleeping, but darned caffeine!!

Here's a clip of a worthy opponent for CM Punk's second fight... I'll give you a hint... It's the one in gray.

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