Sep 24, 2016

Super7 MOTUC News!

Straight out of the Horseman's Mouth:
The FourHorsemen have shipped 5 Prototypes to Super7 and 3 more on the way within a couple of weeks... What's in a couple of weeks?
New York Comic Con...
Does this mean that Super7 will FINALLY have something WORTHWHILE TO ME regarding MOTUC?

We all know that *I* am a bit wary of Super7, due to the insane amount of  things I think are "hipster crap" that they produce. I mean, a $65 4" tall Skeletor in Knock-off Colors...
Really? Really? Really?

I want to believe everything is unicorns and rainbows... I just hope that at least 4 of those 8 figures that COULD appear at NYCC are True Blue MOTUC and not 8 figures for the Filmation sub-line.

We'll have to wait until they reveal the stuff... Hopefully they won't be as Wallet Rapy as Hipster Crap Skeletor over there...

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