Sep 20, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: Teenager with BAD Attitude!

Of course, I am talking about someone who is Green With Evil, but not yet a

First Pose I tried
But do I need to explain the Green Ranger, or can we assume we know who he is?

So, Rita Repulsa is losing to the Rangers constantly. she decides to use the Green Dragon Coin to have a Ranger of her own. He eventually turns good but is defeated by a candle... He returns once again as the Hwite Ranger...
That's pretty much The Green Ranger in a nutshell... Forgot to talk about his Ocarina of Time slash dagger. It's a dagger but also an Ocarina that can be used to summon the mighty Dragonzord, or Dragon Caesar if you are following Zyuranger and there he's not Tommy and he dies after his power is diminished... but this is Power Rangers.

Same as the Red Ranger's but the Arms are slightly hindered by the Dragon Shield. Basically,  Green has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (changing hands scares me a bit here as well.) Ab Crunch, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh... Kinda like the Toybiz ML Black Widow thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures have. He can easily pull of the Summoning of Dragonzord pose by blowing on his dagger.

Paint and Sculpt:
Green seems to share parts with Red. Head, Shield, Torso, Belt and biceps Seem to be the new pieces. Of course the extra hands are new, but they are compatible with Red. (and probably with the upcoming Black and Blue) Sadly, the paint suffers a bit here because of more paint applications. The gold trims seem to be a bit fuzzy or uneven in some areas.

Green Gets no Dragonzord, nor Megazord pieces. He gets 2 Extra Hands, the Dragon Dagger, and the Sword of Darkness.

 The Green Ranger gets a 4.33 as his final score. It's a decent score, but I kinda wish he had a bit more stuff to him. Namely even more hands. Seriously, 2 hands do not compensate for the wasted Plastic on a Megazord piece like Red has.

I will most likely try to complete the set, but I noticed a certain lack of something on this line...
There are no Monsters or Villains. Would be nice to get a Lord Zedd (because Rita would be highly unlikely to happen) BUUUUUT If you need a sort of makeshift Monster to display these Rangers With... Well lookee here!
The Rangers are Nearly in-scale with MOTUC!
So, if you have a Cy-Chop that doesn't fit your vision of MOTU, or Photog, or some of the NA Mutants (Optikk and Slushhead come to mind.) you could use those as a "monster of the week" in your displays until Bandai decides to make a Goldar, Zedd, or even a Putty Patroller. (chances for an Ivan Ooze are slim)
You can also use some of NECA's Kaiju...


  1. I've been interested to see some reviews of these figures. I'd probably only be up for the original crew (my Power Rangers memories end shortly after the original movie) but I've definitely been intrigued by these figures. I'm not that big of a fan, though, and it's weird that Bandai is putting out such an odd mix of figures.

    1. They are pretty decent figures. I'm most likely only getting the Mighty Morphin 6 (7 if they eventually make White Ranger Tommy) and MAYBE some of the Other Rangers versions of Tommy. But I kinda feel the line needs something more than just the heroes if it wants to survive for Adult Collectors. (Let's face it. Releasing Mighty Morphin characters is for the old farts who watched Power Rangers in the 90s)