Sep 1, 2016

I promised some Shapeways Stuff... Let's Start with Two-Badzooka!

This item comes from the Forge... DJForce's Weapons Forge, that is. It's a 200X Weapon for Two-Bad and I have to say it's BAD... as in BADASS!!
I may be a bit biased towards this bazooka... Spike! Roll the Clip:

First thing you'll notice is that is NOT a 100% Accurate reproduction of the 200X Cartoon. To be fair, it would be impossible to have the cartoon version to be usable by Two-Bad, because of his closed left hand. We could say that DJForce used The Classicizer Machine to deliver a version of the Bazooka that could be used in Classics.

Unpainted: Pics don't do this piece justice.
It can be a bit scary at first seeing the handle not attached to the bazooka's main body, but tethered to the main body with a "tube". But once you put it on the figure's body it fits nicely!

The best part that while it WAS MADE FOR Two-Bad, due to its appearance on 200X, it's Generic enough that you could use it for other characters: Palace Guards, Horde Troopers, that Custom Master you've been working for years...

I gave the piece my own spin on it and tried to give it a slightly weathered look. It's not perfect, but I do enjoy the look... Even if I didn't follow the Source Material's palette to a T.

I might even be tempted to get a second one to paint in Gunmetal black and some Neon Green Time Traveler Bazooka... if you catch my drift.

If you want one, you can get it at DJForce's Shapeways shop.

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