Sep 25, 2016

Thinking of 3D Printing and MOTUC.

We have seen the wonders 3D Printing can do for toys... Multiple Reviews of Weapons here at the House of Rants AND Man-at-Arms Workshop can attest to the ingenuity of 3D Printing Masters fans. We've seen not only weapons, but heads and display pieces. Recently, Evil Mike... Yes, THAT Evil Mike, posted a set of pics on Facebook regarding his Custom Battle Punch He-Man... We know that Mike has done hands for figures... (Haven't bought sets of them yet.) but now he has done something far more Radical... See the Boots Battle Punch He-Man is sporting?
Those are from Shapeways... They're not yet available for sale, but the point here is: Boots are doable... Hands are Doable, Heads are Doable... Theoretically speaking one could do an entire figure. (wouldn't be that cost-effective, but it's possible)

You are wondering: Where am I going with this? Well, Mattel failed us. Super7 is still mum about MOTUC. If for some reason Classics styled items were to end, the 3D Printing Masters CAN pick up the slack if we were to say, complete New Adventures.

The Only Roadblock would be Armors. Normal Shapeways plastic is a bit on the hard side, which would make the armors prone to breakage due to the thin plastic and lack of flexibility.
I know they were experimenting with a softer more pliable plastic that could work. I don't have ALL the details, but I fear that Armors, are for the moment a bit out of reach for now... A) I believe it's not exactly available to use on items for sale. B) While the MOTUC Armors, theoretically speaking are within the ranges for thinnest you can go, the level of detail needed for some of these may be too much for shapeways at the moment. Though some cases a combo of harder plastic items with the softer plastic could work on paper, once again the cost effectiveness may be a bit of a hindrance.
So, custom armors would have to be an Old School Custom job for now.

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