Sep 9, 2016

Yet ANOTHER Matty Delay and Joe Mangianello confirmed as Slade.

Bad News for MATTYCOLLECTOR Fans Customers. Sunder is delayed and the Single Carded Horde Trooper is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. Rumor has it that they've been cancelled. Seriously, it's like Matty is allergic to taking our money!

Also, General Sunder is now SundAr. Which brings us back to the main point here... Another Month, Another Delay...

Flash  Thompson is now Deathstroke... Or for the ladies out there, Puppy dog Alcide from True Blood is now a Dude who wants to do Bad Things with Batman... Namely kill him for money.
I can't wait, seeing that Deathstroke is such a left-field move. (Surprised that they didn't rely on Cats, Penguins, or Clowns for the Bat movie gives me a bit of hope)

Dances with Alien Bluecathontas 2, 3, 4, and 5 are still coming, according to James Cameron...
and apparently, the Alita movie is still happening. But seriously, it's been what? 6-7 years since Avatar showed up. Cameron has 4 Sequels... He's on his 60s... He takes a ton of time for his movies, that's why more often than not they are pretty good. (Yeah, I'm saying that Avatar is one of his weaker movies) 4 Movies, he often takes a lot of time on each movie... Holy crap! He's the Movie Equivalent to George R.R. Martin!! Also, now that everyone has gone 3D, the "magic" that Avatar had, is lost. Now let's suppose he manages to release all 4 in a timely manner. How many movies can you make about Giant blue cats fighting humans... (there's 4 Transformers movies and like 3 more coming) OK, I got your point.

What's Cameron going to do with the Sequel? Quaritch return from the dead as a Na'Vi Friendly Human who will stop an even more evil Human? All jokes aside, Jake and Neytiri's story is DONE. We'd need New characters to move the story forward.

Also. This scares me:

Especially since it has Robert Rodriguez as a Director...
I know... He did From Dusk Till Dawn, Desperado, Sin City... BUUUUUUUUUUUT He also did The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, The Spy Kids series. you can see why I'm a bit wary about him tackling Alita... I'd rather have him focus more on Mr. Quest than have him possibly ruin Battle Angel Alita.

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