Sep 16, 2016

Mai Shiranui is in DOA5!?

Yes, I am late to the party... Then again, I haven't played a DoA game since DoA 2 on Dreamcast.

But Yeah, Mai Shiranui is on Dead or Alive... Akuma is on Tekken... Come on, give us Johnny Cage for SFV!! Or Bishamon for a Soulcalibur... (or Nightmare on a Darkstalkers game)

But judging by the video, Mai seems to have been adapted to fit DoA, which is a good thing... Now I want a DoA vs Fatal Fury... and yes, it's because I want more Terry Bogard.

But I wonder if SEGA is willing to have the Virtua Fighter folks cross over...
*UPDATE!* An Unknown commenter let me know that Sarah, Jacky, Pai, and Akira are available...
So, if the VF folks made it... Can we get Ryo Hazuki in a fighting game?

No, wait! I've got it... YUKA TAKEUCHI from Variable Geo should cross over to DoA!! Come on, don't look at me like that! DoA is two steps from becoming an eroge... And Variable Geo is a decent fighting game, despite being known mostly for the H-scenes.

Now I wanna get KoF14 so badly... Curse Responsibilities!!


  1. Sarah, Pai, Jacky and Akira from Virtua Fighter are already in DOA5.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that... Will update the rant!