Sep 19, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: It's Morphine time! Red Barney!!

Rita's escaped! We need 5 character teenager archetypes... with two minorities just to play it safe. If they are walking stereotypes even better!

y-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi!  I finally got one of the Legacy Series Power Rangers figures... Of the Mighty Morphin kind... Screw Ninja Storm... Now if they had done Dino Thunder, there is one Mandatory figure to get... But let's talk Red Ranger... Jason or Rocky... Well, it's Jason, seeing it comes with the Original Megazord Torso... More on that later.

Do I need to explain who is the Red Ranger? Or should I just play the intro?

Be careful here!
well balanced figure!
Red Ranger has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (changing hands scares me a bit here) Ab Crunch, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh... Kinda like the Toybiz ML Black Widow thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro ML have.

Paint and sculpt:
Before I start, I must point something out: Bandai of America figure WITHOUT SCREWS on the back!! Now the sculpt is a basic tights clad muscular body. They have this weird Shoulderpad that makes them inaccurate to the show, but I kinda like it since it makes the suit look a bit more armored (like The Movie) The Helmet seems a bit off. The eyebrows of the Tyrannosaur look more like fins and it throws off the whole look. The minimalist paint job means very little slop and the tampos are crisp.

Here is where they dropped the ball... Bandai made a 2016 SDCC Exclusive Jason that comes with the Power Sword and the Megazord Sword... That's the only way to get those pieces... Once you complete the stupid ass Megazord BAF... by Rebuying another Red Ranger and getting the rest of the Rangers on future waves.
Normal Release of MM Red comes only with his standard blade blaster to put in the holster. No blaster mode or blade mode... Hell he doesn't even come with extra hands... (I borrowed them from Tommy for a pic) The Red Ranger loses all of that stuff because of the stupid ass forever incomplete Megazord BAF (Unless you bought the SDCC Jason, which is EXACTLY THE SAME, but in translucent plastic. Seriously, couldn't they have done the Red Ranger with the Green Ranger shield as the Exclusive to Justify 2 Jasons?)

Mighty Morphin Red gets a 3.83 as his final score. He has Decent Articulation even if the thighs are a bit tricky. It's a shame that he lacks decent accessories to make him feel whole. If the Other Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers get their signature weapons, this will royally suck!

BTW Mighty Morphin' Black, Pink, and Blue are rumored to be Wave 2 with In Space Yellow and Red completing the wave. Pushing Mighty Morphin' Yellow to wave 3.

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