Sep 5, 2016

shapeways Round 3: DJ force's Movie Blaster!!

The one holstered by his hip.

The 1987 movie... It gets a lot of flak from various MOTU fans... Especially the Filmation ones. The movie was more Pre-Filmation Mini comics inspired than people expected, then we have the whole Golan Globus/Cannon mess, Budget issues, Mattel, and we can understand why that movie is what it is. I know the 4Horsemen have given us a few nods to the movie. Marlena's Rifle and Adora's gun are both from the 1987 movie.

Well, DJForce bothered to make a 3D printable version of the blaster that Dolph Lundgren has as He-Man.

Sadly, I can't find any pics of it in action and I don't have the  1987 movie with me. But I guess that the gun is based on the ones from this prop collection. Of course, the gun was "Classicized" in order for it to fit the MOTUC Figure grips.

Since it's a Shapeways printed Item, it comes unpainted. I am not a skilled painter, due to my shaky hands, but screw it If I can Paint it, I will!
 As you can see, Nefty-kun is on Vacation... Luckily not a Permanent one, so Darius is acting as a Replacement model for the gun.

I got to say, the blaster also fits Darius... wait for it...

I may be tempted to get another and paint it in Gold to fit Darius.
Crita: I have a very naughty fish that needs to be beaten repeatedly
Darius: What kind of Fish...
Crita: It's not a Piano...
Darius: Wait, is this a real fish that you want me to beat up, or is this some
long-winded joke about you wanting me to *ahem* Pound your Tuna?

No, really! The gun suits NA characters PERFECTLY! Especially Darius... I'm making Bond Jokes because I've overused the Neeson is Darius references on his review... so I'll quote Sean Connery...

It obviously fits He-Man Really well, if you have butchered a Normal He-Man, Plundor Laser Light He-Man, Snake Armor He-Man, Oo-Larr, Vikor, Carnivus and a He-Ro to make your own MOTUC He-Dolph.

It can have other uses like Improve your weapons Rack (Whether the Mattel Made or the Custom Rack from Barbarossa)

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