Sep 30, 2016

HOLD IT!! A Phoenix Wright Figure!?

My reaction when seeing the figure
Figma's people seem to want some of my money... Naruhodo Ryuichi is getting a Figure made.

I guess I better be ready to yell OBJECTION!! to my common sense, since it'll try to stop me from getting this... Common Sense's interference has delayed my getting a Ranma figure... But that's mostly because I'd need a whole ensemble there... At least with Phoenix, all I'd need is an Edgelord Edgeworth... Maybe Franziska von Karma, Godot, Simon Blackquill, Athena... Especially if she has a shocked face... Oh yeah, Gavin, Then Trucy and her Magic Panties. But I musn't forget about Maya, Pearl, Mia possessing Maya, Mia possessing Pearl and the most important character besides Wright and a Prosecutor... The Judge! OK Maybe Nahyuta Sahdmandhi, Rayfa Padma Khura'in...and Herr forehead... But the one character we must never get is The one from Rite of Turnabout... You know the one I'm talking about... well, you would if you've played Spirit of Justice... But we should totally get Manfred von Karma.
Damn, that list grew far more than I expected... And that's not asking for the Detectives, Witnesses, etc... Larry Butz FTW!  I can almost see my common sense clutching my wallet.

TAKE THAT!! However you want to take it... I just hope he isn't too expensive... or that we get at least a Western version with Hold it! Objection! and Take that! signs! Oooh! Displaying him with Marvel Legends as a nod to UMVC3...

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