Oct 1, 2016

Wait, a Final Fantasy VII What!?

Square is milking the living crap out of Final Fantasy VII... We know the Remake is coming, but there is something far more sinister coming...

A BOARD GAME!! Not just any board game, but the Friendship killer.
A FFVII Monopoly game...

You can already feel the dread and despair when you fall on a Hoteled up FFVII Equivalent of boardwalk... Guessing the Gold Saucer... It's Monopoly, so we kinda know what to expect... Curious about the cards and game pieces though...

Sounds interesting, but the West is dying for something from September 9, 1999 (in the US) here's a hint:
but, if you still don't get it, here's the answer:
Triple Freaking Triad!!
I know Japan got a TT but the West got none... In any case, FFVII Monopoly... cause screw Friendship!

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