Oct 12, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: This dude has MOTUC fodder written on him.

I am talking about the Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns...

I know that for TDKR fans, me saying that Nipples, that's what I call the Mutant Leader is PERFECT for MOTUC fodder; is blasphemy. Hear me out. I intend to keep THIS Nipples as is, because I need to pair him up against Batman... I just can't deny that he has PLENTY of Custom Parts for MOTUC.
Bare arms with Spike Stud Bracers. Removable Spike Stud Bracers for the legs. His crotch piece is Two parts, so One can have baggy pants WITHOUT The Spike stud belt. Five Toed "Monster" feet... Perfect for a 200X Skeletor... A naked Torso WITHOUT Nipples...

Why, oh why did Mattel REMOVE THE NIPPLES OUT OF THE MUTANT LEADER!? I might need to get a few for Customs... Even the head could be exploited to use as a Horde General...

So, let me look at the Mutant Leader before I decide to chop him up into various custom parts...

This is a MOTUC Buck, as much as Mattel wants to deny it. All the MOTUC Articulation is there... The only places where it's limited is at the ankles, due to the Studded Ankle Braces.

Paint and Sculpt:
It's based on the nice MOTUC Sculpts. And the new parts are awesome... Shame that Mattel and MOTU are now separated, because the new pieces from him, would have been awesome to have in MOTUC. I must point out that the left hand on mine is a bit weird. I'm guessing that it's for the Crowbar... The lack of nipples on this guy is...

The paint is minimal, so less chance of slop. A little flesh tone paint flaked out of the ankle, but to be fair, the shin part is molded in dark gray, because of the pants and the chipped out area is only visible if I bend the ankle back.

A Doomsday Left Arm, a Crowbar and a Torch. It sucks that the Torch is not translucent plastic, but it looks cool... The Crowbar, well it's a MOTUC Scale Crowbar... And the Doomsday arm is nice. I just wish he had a second head for the look without glasses.

Nipples gets a 4.5 as his final score... The lack of Nipples hurt him a little bit, but he is really great for TDKR fans and for MOTUC customizers... Seriously with a little part swap action you could almost have an 80s Krang Android Body to use with the Nick TMNT.
These are the nipples we deserve, because we got none.

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