Oct 7, 2016

Snakey Mountany Updatey by Super7...

This is one of the best and worst things I've heard at the same time... Super7 has sent Snake Mountain to the factory for pricing. This doesn't necessarily mean that they ARE going to make it If The Price is Wrong... my hopes and dreams will be shattered once again but if The Price is Right... We'll come on down and order our very own Snake Mountain by Super7 because Muck Fattel!

Y'all know that I want, nay, NEED Snake Mountain to happen, not just for my collector wants, but to fulfill one of Mom's wishes before she passed. There is more than a simple toy riding on this for me. Fingers crossed, prayers said, tossed like $15 in spare change to wishing wells for Snake Mountain to happen. If Super7's Mr. Brian Flynn is reading this, yes I NEED Snake Mountain in my life and I'm pretty sure that a TON of MOTUC Collectors want one as well... PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN. This is not simply a Toy for me, but a physical "trophy" of my last happy memory with my mom before she passed.


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