Oct 8, 2016

Welp! Looks like another MOTUC List must be made

Since the Super7 Deal changed the Rules of the game, I must Look at yet Another List...
I know I'm ahead of the "a rant a day" game, but I know that if I decide to review a game, I might Slack off on my ranting. And I still need to watch Legends of Everfree to review it!

So, 8 figures... No POP, and I'll assume that the 87 Movie is still no-go. The no Pop kills Josh, Red Knight, Hunga, Colonel Blast, Dylamug, Granita, etc.

Easy to make Already sculpted by the Horsemen and fills a mini comics gap, which seems to be something Super7 likes.

Master Sebrian:
Again, he's a low new tooling figure. Basically new head, robe and hands with Evil Seed being the Donor buck. He helps fill out a NA Slot.

We need an Army Builder. Horsemen already sculpted him and he seemed to reuse many parts.

King Miro:
Rounds up the Royal Family, was rumored to be sculpted and gives a 200X nod to the line.

He's here to round up Lodar (and my choice is Filmation Look because it's slightly less racist than Mini Comics look... Current year and all that. S7 could not handle the backlash if Special Snowflakes attacked.)

He's a bit heavy on the new tooling, but he pairs well with Karatti and is a Space Mutant, which helps complete NA.

You know I hate this Turdgoblin but since ♠ shoved Dare up the line, we kinda need him for symmetry.

It's a 2 for one which translates for more sales and if you're brave enough, you can get more and repaint the hair and you have MORE Avion Warriors.

While Sure, it was easy to fill up the list, there are more popular figures that are being blocked thanks to the POP embargo. I don't like Hunga, but I know a bunch do. I can live without Granita, but she has plenty of fans. I frigging want JOSH for crying out loud... Also, this means no Starburst She-Ra or Vintage She-Ra, no savage Catra until Super7 figures things out, or....

PUT ON YOUR TINFOIL HATS! It's Conspiracy Theory time!
They fail according to Mattel's plan. Part of me thinks that Mattel wasn't entirely truthful to S7 and the deal has a ton of limitations MADE ON PURPOSE for Super7 to fail. I wouldn't put it past Mattel that they want Super7 to fail in order to back off from the Adult Collector market. Look at it this way: Mattycollector failed and only MOTUC kept that site alive for years. Mattel called it quits, mostly blaming the fans/customers. The "act in good faith" and allow a smaller company to work the brand just to see the company fail (due to Mattel being sneaky) and then they can blame the Adult Collectors.

Would you kindly remove your tinfoil hat?
In any case, it's a long road that Super7 has ahead of themselves by tackling one of the Big 3 Toylines from the 80s. Hopefully they will not disappoint, despite the limitations thrown at them.

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