Oct 6, 2016

NYCC expectations and stuff.

NYCC is happening. Hasbro has revealed a few interesting Spidey Themed ML figures... a Shocker to replace ToyBiz's so-so figure. There's also an Old Man Logan figure floating around. Of course, my biggest expectations lie with Super7. They better reveal some MOTUC items, cause the fandom is losing steam thanks to Mattycollector's incompetence.

Those who ordered a NECA Shredder and Foot pack should check their inboxes. They're coming.
I feel a bit bummed that I got scammed for a set of Bootleg NECA TMNT (ebay stepped in and I got a refund, but I wanted the bootleg TMNT to have them come out the toy chest and basically review most of the line in a mini series.I say most, cause I still lacl Mousers.)

In any case, I'll run a new rant if Super7 reveals MOTUC or not.

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