Oct 27, 2016

Wise of the Tomb Waidew Weview...

Yes, I couldn't wesist doing a Wise fwom youw gwave wefewence fow this weview. I'll stop now otherwise I might shave my head and act like this guy...

So, I got to play a while back the Sequel to Tomb Raider... Rise of the Tomb Raider and I guess Reviewing this game should come next, seeing that I reviewed the previous game.

This is Tomb Raider 2 but not TOMB RAIDER 2. There is no dagger of Xian, Dragon, or any of the Tomb Raider 2 things you remember because, just like the first game was Natla-free, this one is free from TR2 stuff... Though they throw a few References to TR2 on the Croft Manor DLC... More on that later. So, Lara is looking now for a Divine Source, which causes Immortality on People. Now Lara is racing against a "Secret Vatican Army" called Trinity...

Dammit, Spike! Don't play that clip whenever I mention Trin...

NO!! BAD SPIKE!  Step away from the Computer...
As I was saying: Lara is on a race to get an Artifact in order to stop the Evil Vatican Army. She meets some Hunger Games Rejects and she helps them stop the Evil Vatican Army... who killed Lara's Dad and maybe even her mom...

Like it's Predecessor it KINDA feels like an Uncharted and The Last of Us clone. The closest thing to Old School Tomb Raider shows up on the Baba Yaga DLC... Damn that stupid ass Document... Damn it to hell! Will Rehash the Original TR Reboot description for gameplay:
It feels a bit like Uncharted, which makes sense, since Nathan Drake owes a lot of his existence to Lara Croft. The Skill Points and Survivor mode reminded me a bit of The Last of Us... Again, a good thing. The gameplay is not perfect due to the camera. A few deaths happened to me because the camera decided to stick close to Lara and not letting me see who the hell was shooting at me when turning! Others were by the unexpected QTEs that happen once in a blue moon.
Though I must point out that the game has a lot of bugs that can make some experiences VERY Frustrating. Some are even game-breaking and you can say goodbye to your save...

They are responsive, aside the camera controls, as I mentioned in the gameplay section. (the Camera is SLIGHTLY better than in the first game.) They can be slightly unresponsive during the few QTEs that happen during the game but they are SLIGHTLY more lenient than the Previous game.

Music and Sounds:
Most of it is forgettable, but there are a few nods to old school Tomb Raider... With the Croft Manor DLC you get to hear the Classic Croft Manor theme... Only in the Library, though. The VAs do a Spectacular job, and they should be commended for that. It's a shame that Corporate Greed is screwing actors and will bring us to a dark age... Holy ass crackers! Jacob is Maurice Chavez of Vice City!? and he was in an episode of Hannah Montana!?

For a PS4 Game (and yes XBOne, where it came out first) the graphics are decent. Slightly better than the Previous game, but I'm currently unable to do a side by side comparison. Some clipping issues can cause glitches... Careful!

Fun Factor:
It's about as Fun as the Previous game... Same issues plague the sequel. It has a Zombie DLC... cause creativity is dead and stuff. Game breaking saves can ruin the fun... But exploring the Croft Manor is a nice way to get some backstory BUT kinda sad at the same time, since the place has gone down the crapper and worst part:

Though in one of the letters you find, there's a reference to Lara locking Winston in the freezer.

Rise of the Tomb Raider gets an 8.08 as it's overall score. It's a Decent game but I have a FEW NITPICKS about the game and the way the new series is being discussed.

First: The game tries way too hard to distance itself from the past Tomb Raider games that made Lara a Household name but, at the same time, they keep throwing bones to old school fans... even if some of those bones are kinda lame.

Just give us NEW LARA on her OLD SCHOOL OUTFIT AS A FREE DLC. That's way cooler than PS1 and PS2 Graphics LARA on a PS4 game...

Second: I've read third-wave posts claiming the "deobjectification of Lara" as if she was a Real Being. She's an Object made to look female. She can't be objectified if she isn't a real being. Also, just because she gets a fully armored outfit, doesn't mean that people won't look at the polygons and pixels in a sexual way... Oh you're talking about comparing her to her old self...
Her big lips and Jumbo boobs WERE A NECESSITY to make her Memorable. The 1990s had TONS AND TONS of Mascots that have faded into obscurity.
Bubsy, Gex, Aero the Acro-bat, Bonk, etc. come to mind. Lara's "lonely teenage boy masturbatory fantasy" looks made her a pop culture icon... The Second most badass woman in gaming (Samus is #1) Then it was sealed when Ms. Jolie Voight played the role in the movies. The boobs, lips and Short shorts WERE ICONIC (like Ryu and his bandana, or Mario's Stache and Overalls) Had she lacked those memorable assets, people would have dismissed the game as yet another generic 3D platformer from the era. If it hadn't been for her looks, she wouldn't have survived long enough to get this reboot, and there's very little chance that we would have gotten the Nathan Drake we got.

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