Oct 29, 2016

He-Man meets Lion-O Part 1... The Rant:

The Print Version is nowhere to be found, so I... I... went digital.

Right out of the bat the comic manages to piss me off...
Really Narrator? Pissing off Management makes Mumm-Ra sound like an underpaid intern than a Former Priest from Ancient Third Earth... (back when it was Earth) and Avatar of the Ancient Spirits of Evil... Writer: Do you even Thundercats?

Great, now you also mock MOTU as well... First it mocks Eternians and the next page has a Fisting Reference from Fisto... I'm starting to hate this comic...

Randor bitches to Adam about the latter's irresponsibility, while Adam rubs his sword... Cliched Superhero problems amirite?

WHAT THE HELL, MAN!? I could have sworn that Only Lion-O can see Jaga's ghost... Seriously, Writer DO YOU EVEN THUNDERCATS!? Also, Eternia and Third Earth being close together will cause some messed up natural disasters... Seriously, did the Writer had to paint us a mental picture of Mumm-Ra getting a hernia because he broke the Dimensional barrier between Third Earth and Eternia?  Not to mention calling the Heroic Warriors Circus Freaks... and there we go. Biblical Flooding of Eternos and now Adam has to save his dad without his Magical Canseco Juice.

Sorceress shows up and tells Adam not to Go Supergrayskulljin and asks for the sword. Adam gives it to her and she Penetrates his chest with it... Cause it's Mumm-Ra. Holy ass crackers, they killed Adam! I'm REALLY, REALLY starting to hate this comic... Then again, it's a mid-issue stabbing, so we know he'll heal once he powers up.

Lion-O is NOW showing doubts after all he's been through as Lord of the Thundercats NOW he doubts Jaga and the Sword? Writer, DO YOU EVEN THUNDERCATS!?

Yeah, it was Mumm-Ra. He also zaps Cringer out of the way due to his Ailurophobia. He also reveals that Adam is completely devoid of evil, and that's how he found him and deceived him like Mumm-Ra does... So, Writer, while I still hate this comic, I must commend you for that.

Now, Adam hangs on to the sword and transforms into He-Man, whose radiance makes Mumm-Ra stumble and gave me a half-chub... which sounds kinda gay, but I cannot deny that the awesomeness of that made me a bit aroused... Don't let that go to your head writer... I still hate most of the comic.
Mumm-Ra and He-Man fight and Even Cringer fights... Not Battle Cat, but Cringer... That is badass, but DO YOU EVEN MOTU!? Also, Ewww... Cringer is biting into Rotten multiple millennia old flesh.

Mumm-Ra vanishes with the sword and ends up at Snake Mountain... There he is killed by Skeletor who was in cahoots with the ASoE...

Mumm-Ra: THE EVER LIVING!! Writer, do you even Thundercats!?

I hated the comic, but I kinda like it. I know it sounds hard to explain.

The Narrator being Skeletor can excuse the mockery of Eternos. But the whole Pissing off Management doesn't fit in with Eternia's Medieval system... Had Skeletor said something along the lines of slave/master dynamic, THEN it would have been more in-line with Eternia.

Also, what is it with the gratuitous violence? You give me a very Filmation MOTU and then Boom! Adam kebab! The inconsistencies with past lore kinda bug me.

Not sure if the writer loves the properties, or if he hates them and is doing this comic to get paid.
I'll probably read the rest of the six but if by issue 2 I don't see an improvement, I might give up. While I'm not fond of the violence used by Mumm-Ra to trick Adam, I DID like Mumm-Ra using treachery to get what he wanted.

See ya in November!

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