Oct 3, 2016

Ace Attorney: 6 I see what dead people see gimmick!

The Previous Ace Attorney Game allowed me to find Justice... Not you Apollo, with the Power of Emojis... Now I can use the Power of Emojis, the Lie Detecting Magatama, and Apollo's Creepy Stare to find the Truth... In addition of the Peering into dead people's last memories Seance thingy.

So, let's review the Possibly final main Ace Attorney game, unless Capcom decides to do Ace Attorney 7 where Pearl decides to become a barely literate Attorney. (Remember the Gravy accident thing)

Story: With very few spoilers.

So, Phoenix is in the Mystical Kingdom of Khura'in, not related to Kurain Village, well aside the name and spirit thingies, because Maya. Phoenix, as always is still a magnet for Trouble. He's in a land where Lawyers are the worst thing a person can be. The games tend to be very anti-lawyer, but this one takes the cake. Here Phoenix, Apollo, and Haruhi fight the greatest court battle of their lives and the stakes are higher... The stability of Khura'in is at stake now that a Lawyer has shown up to their Anti-Lawyer kingdom. There's the usual Ace Attorney tropes. We still get some Fey Family Mysteries, and we also have Trucy's panties... They are Magical and TARDIS-like.

8.5 Mostly, because one of the cases was pretty much a deviation from the main story just to give Haruhi something to do.

as a 3DS(in my case 2DS) game, the Graphics are a huge improvement over the GBA Graphics from Ace Attorney 1-3 (Which were GBA Games ported to the DS) The Few Anime Cutscenes were enjoyable and both the game graphics (3D Models made to look like the traditional sprites)

This game is a visual Novel, so you're just pointing and clicking through Court, occasionally yelling "Hold It, Objection, or Take That!" at the Microphone. You will be doing pointing, clicking and tons of reading as well during the investigations. Certain "special events" where you can dust for prints, use your character's powers will come to play in and out of Court. The Seance Gimmick is nice, but setting up to it feels a bit convoluted.
*= I like visual novels, so to me, it's easy to rate them higher, but the average Call of Doody player might hate the slower pace. Now, for a Visual Novel game, this game is pretty decent, hence the higher rating.

The Buttons are mapped to areas of the touch screen and react exactly the same whether you push the button or touch the screen. Since it's a Visual Novel, it's not that complicated.

Sounds and Music:
I'm a bit of a mixed bag here: The music and VA work is REALLY great, but  I am a bit disappointed that Phoenix's theme is the Trials and Tribulations Objection! (I prefer Ace Attorney's) and that the Plumed Punisher's Very Original Theme sounds like a lamer rip-off from the Sexy Theme of the Steel Samurai! (especially those Taiko Drums at the beginning!) Other than that, it's all great... but seriously, that plumed punisher theme hurts my ears!

Fun Factor:
Here, your mileage may vary. I for one enjoy some slow paced games like visual novels, dating sims, and yes, that includes some eroge, because the visual novel style is suitable to those kinds of games...
But back to Ace Attorney... As I said, it's a Visual Novel and I play them mostly for the story and those Screw Real World Logic, we're going with THIS CRAZY IDEA that somehow works.

Yes, I am WELL AWARE of my Pro Ace Attorney Bias, but the only section where I'm truly biased is Fun Factor, since that's the one where I try to put a numerical valye on my enjoyment, but I tried to be as impartial as possible. That's why the game gets an 8.83 as its final score.

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