Oct 14, 2016

Odds and ends 10/14/16

Crap on a hat! Damn you Mattycollector!
My Lion-O will show up by the end of the month... Delayed by Hurricane Matthew. Maybe Both Lion-O and Jackalman will arrive within days from each other. My Subscription Sundar and Nightstalker are still MIA... Seriously, Super7 can't start dealing with MOTUC fast enough... Update... Jackalman and Filmation Evil Lyn will be late... Again!

Shredder and the Foot have arrived and they will come out of the Toy Chest soon. I have a few Real Life issues that I need to take care of, so the few items I've gotten recently will take a little longer to come out of the Toy Chest.

Mera has been revealed...
And I got to say that she looks fine... For a Queen of the Depths...(Just don't have Mike Tyson Say Queen of the Depths in front of her, otherwise she'd be triggered.)
She looks OK For Mera... She could Pull off a Castaspella... IF a Princess of Power Movie were to happen.

While I'm still on Comics... Guess who is back from the Dead... I'll give you a hint:

Yup! The Hulkster is back!

Not that Hulkster... I mean

Revived by the Hand... So much for She-Hulk being The Hulk... who replaced Amadeus Cho as the New Awesome Hulk... and SJW folks don't realize that those changes they praise were simple gimmicks. That's the problem, Real Fans are OK with NEW Characters, but not at the expense of established ones. Marvel is just pulling stunts to appease non-buyers and then when they don't work as well, they go back to basics.

Catch ya' on the flip side!! Gotta watch Legends of Everfree as well...

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