Oct 17, 2016

It came from the Toy Chest with Pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes

Stock photo because camera issues.
Shame that my camera USB cable is MIA
Of course I'm going to make an Uncle Phil Reference on this review...

That's because I'm talking about the Foot Clan Set from NECA.

It contains: Shredder, an Utrom, 2 Foot Ninja and a Foot Elite That's 4 figures and a super accessory.

Right out of the bat you'll notice that these guys are small compared to Other NECA items... That's because they're meant to go with the 2007-ish TMNT and the 2009 April O'Neil that I already teased.

The second thing you'll notice is that these guys are pretty much the same buck slightly tweaked for Shredder and the Mystic. If you own the Arcade Game Foot set, you might notice a lot of reused parts from that set.

The Third is that they Overdid the "Comic Book-izing"... I mean look at the NECA Turtles
Stock Photo because I repainted mine in 80s toys inspired palette.
Look at the swords on Leonardo.
They can pass off as normal Katana from any other line.
Look at the Foot Clan Weapons...
I rest my case.
Even the "Comic Book-izing" on the Turtles themselves isn't that drastic. That kinda makes them clash a little bit...

I'm getting this out of the way before I start reviewing them, otherwise I'll harp on it incessantly.

Do I NEED To explain the Shredder and the foot?

So, there's this dude named Oroku Nagi, who was Shredder's Older Brother. He also was a Foot Clan Ninja, like Hamato Yoshi... Yes, that Hamato Yoshi... The same one that in some continuities is the Owner of Splinter, but in others he IS Splinter. So, Nagi had a beef with Yoshi, because This Tang Sheng lady was in love with Yoshi, but not with Nagi. Yoshi was forced to Kill Nagi to protect Tang Shen. Due to Yoshi Killing Nagi he was forced to leave the Foot Clan and moved to America. Oroku Saki, Nagi's younger brother had his revenge and killed both Yoshi and Shen. Saki the rose through the ranks of the Foot Clan and became the Shredder. The Ninja are just generic cannon fodder. The Elite is a much better fodder... Also, the Shredder dies in his first appearance...

Seeing these figures are Ninja, I did the Seiza Test. The Shredder did not pass, due to his armor. (It would mess up the blades on his armor. They are super soft and warp super easily.) Then I tried the Iconic Mirage Shredder pose.
This pose appears on the package but my camera did
NOT save the package pics.
Shredder Failed big time. His lower half of the Tunic impedes movement and he lacks a fully open hand to do the pose. The Teaser Pic I used on an earlier rant is the closest I got.

Now, here's a rundown of the articulation.
they also have a boot
cut... whoa.
As you can see the Foot has a decent range of Articulation. The only main PoA Missing is the Ab Crunch. Since All figures share the main buck... more on that on the Paint and Sculpt Section. Their articulation is Virtually the same. Shredder being a bit restricted due to his shoulder pads. The Lower Neck Articulation is kinda frozen on my figures. I'm not going to push it.

Foot Ninja: 4.0
Foot Elite: 4.0Shredder: 3.5

Paint and Sculpt:
This is why I wanted another set of NECA Turtles... even Bootlegs
Because it would have stopped me from wanting to
 paint these Foot Ninja in 1990 movie colors...
Black for most of the foot.
Tons of Metallic Red For Shredder and I can't do that.
There is not much to write about here, since the Sculpts are based on the prototypes made by the Four Horsemen Studios many moons ago... 4 Horsemen are Amazing at capturing the 2D look and make it 3D.
Now the paintjob is rather simplistic. Most of the pieces look like they are molded in the same color plastic as they are. Probably the straps are the only painted parts. As I said, my only issue is with the thickness of the "ink lines" on them.

4.5 for all.

Hoo boy we have a lot of these here!
We have:
2 Extra hands for each Ninja (8 hands total)
We have a strange Looking Kusarigama
1 Pushknife
1 Shuriken
2 Katana
1 Halberd
2 knives
1 Articulated Utrom (2poa)

16 accessories. Basically 4 per figure... Too little for a 7 year hiatus. I mean the normal turtles* had:
Their weapon(s) 2 Extra hands, a Diorama Piece and a Pre-Mutated Turtle. Mike and Raph had 3 Projectile Weapons. (Mikey 3 sawblade shuriken and Raph 3 throwing knives) Donatello had the TCRI vial of Ooze.
I know that asking for a second Oroku Saki Head would have been too much, but the Thermite Grenade seems fair game, or a set of open hands for Shredder like in the iconic Mirage pose. I mean they don't even have a Base, which totally could have been a Generic Manhole cover with a peg for the, foot to put, uh, a foot and act as a stand.

Playmates should release this Splinter
The Foot Clan gets a 4.44 as the Final Score. Which is like SUPER UNLUCKY in Japan... It's a nice set and ALMOST rounds up the CORE CORE CORE CORE TMNT Characters. Now Splinter and Casey could Round up the Set... I'd take them both from NECA, but I can't deny that that Playmates Splinter looked nice for a Playmates figure.

I like it even if it needed a little bit more OOMPH! to go beyond way awesome... At least I nearly completed the NECA TMNT...

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