Oct 7, 2016

Jada Toys is having an Ask Jada...

Jada Toys, do you know them? Cause I sure as heck don't... They are only relevant to the House of Rants for one Reason only:
Yup! The Former Former and I think he needs a Third Former added to MOTU Guy In Chrage. He can correct me if I need to add a few former more.

Basically, he's doing the Ask Matty thing for a company that does Die Cast Cars and Statues... Lucky them. They're going to get all that Guru Snark that we miss like Mossman is not a bath toy... Or The fans did not notice the backwards Shoulders... or That Style's Retired... I'm just poking fun at him, cause it's the only thing I can do... That does NOT involve pulling a Bear Grylls.

To be honest I KINDA missed him during the Post Skeletor's Love Child's Meltdown and the Matty Silence until the Super7 Surprise... But then I just had to go to the dot org and be reminded that he wuz kangz and shiet. So, I didn't miss him that much... And here I go burning my non-existing bridges with Jada Toys. No free samples for me! If you're a glutton for Punishment, or enjoy Die Cast Cars and statues, then stay tuned for the Ask Jada things with the Guru... Wow! NYCC is giving me more Filler than a Naruto or DBZ season!

OK, so now here comes the part where I say best wishes to Scott at Jada, that he will totally think I'm kissing his ass for free statues... I am not, since I'm not a fan of statues and I'm being completely honest about it. It totally sounds like I'm BSing, but it's true... I hope he gets SUPER BUSY with his work at JADA and do some kickass statues and cars and stuff... It's just that those things aren't my cup of tea. So he won't be covered too much in here.

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