Oct 2, 2016

Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage Rocks!

Netflix stepped up their game with Luke Cage. It's a known fact that I disliked Jessica Jones and not even the Tenth Doctor could make me care about the show. I've only seen five episodes so far... (Pacing myself... because if I finish it too soon, I'll have to continue binge watching Rebelde... What? I am still a Latino and Mexican Telenovelas are like TV Crack for Latinos... Also, I noticed that that Telenovela was made by people with a High School Girl Fetish... All those 20-something girls pretending to be 15-17 year old High School Girls with their short short skirts and I'm rambling again!)

Back to Luke Cage. ONE THING pissed me off about the Series... Dissing the 70s Outfit. After they go through a semi-convoluted, but somewhat sensible plan to give Power Man his Bracers and Circlet, they quickly dismiss the 70s Outfit as stupid... Other than that I'm mostly hooked... (Pacing myself... Otherwise I'd be watching all 13 episodes in less than a day... Need to finish Spirit of Justice to complete the review for it.

The show it's like Daredevil, but more... Blacksploitationy? Is that even a real term? I'd say Cage is a bit more reluctant to do his hero duty... Maybe Soemthing something past events on Jessica Jones, which I will never find out, because not even a magical device to allow me to see Mom for one more day would make me want to watch that show. Now Luke is up in Harlem... Cause Blacksploitation, and stuff? and he's cleaning up the streets. Sadly it's the Modern Era Luke Cage that doesn't believe in being a Costumed Vigilante, unlike his Classic 70s version. I'm enjoying the ride so far and can't wait until Iron Fist joins the Fray and we get:
Heroes for Hire

Now Once I finish Luke Cage, I need to catch the series from the Distinguished Competition, because I missed out on Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and the previous seasons of Flash and Arrow.

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