Oct 17, 2016

So, It's Matty Sale date again...

And it's been 26 minutes since the sale started and both Jackalman and Evil Lyn are still available.
That is a bit strange since the Filmation figures go out like SUPER FAST and this is EVIL LYN we're talking about... Not just ANY Evil Lyn, but one with an Outfit DIFFERENT FROM TEELA... Well, more like Different-ish. All I can say is that this outfit is NOT a Repaint of any Past Teela outfit.

It's kinda Strange that Evil Lyn has lasted 30 Minutes on the site... Jackalman I kinda understand why.
 But it seems that most collectors are just letting their subs do the ordering and the day of sale folks are simply giving up.

It's a bit sad... I would have ordered an extra Jackalman if I hadn't bought the NECA Foot, but that ate most of my Toy Budget for the month. (Not to mention that the massive blackout from a few weeks ago threw a wrench on my budget.) where was I? oh yeah, the sadness... Mattel kinda shot themselves in the foot with the Drastic Matty Shutdown. It pissed off the Thundercats fans more than it pissed the MOTU fans. I have to wonder if the constant delays may have helped to cause this...
43 minutes in and they are still available...  So sad... Wonder what will Mattel do with all that unsold stock come Decmber 31st?

UPDATE: Evil Lyn sold out sometime before 2:30 PM EST...

Update 2: I was told she sold out a little bit under an hour... but after I made my post... Also, Jackalman is still available.

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