Oct 18, 2016

Odds and ends 10/18/16

It's official Red Dead 3 is happening... but it's called for now Red Dead Redemption 2. Fall 2017... Damn, This, FFVIIR Episode 1 and Shenmue 3... I'm gonna need a bigger Hard Drive for my PS4...

The one thing that scares me is the focus on Online... Remember how GTA V's Story Mode suffered due to the massive focus on Online... Red Dead Redemption's best aspect is the Story... I don't want that to suffer because of Online.

Bella Thorne posed for Playboy... But POSING NOW FOR PLAYBOY no longer has the same meaning as it did 20 years ago. Now Posing for Playboy is almost as mild as posing for Seventeen or a bit less risqué than Maxim. Seriously, why is this even a big deal? If she were posing nude, then THAT would be a big deal, but Current no-nudes allowed Playboy makes it a bit lame.

People got offended at an insanely funny Halloween costume and it was pulled. I am talking about "Parisian Robbery Victim". Popular Culture Costumes ARE THE RAGE... Wasn't the Caitlyn Corset a popular disguise last year? People have worn Osama Costumes, Hitler Costumes, UNABOMBER costumes, JFK with his brains falling out costumes, OJ Simpson, but Kim K is NOT fair game?

Seriously, right now we live in a world where a Strip of Bacon Costume can be considered Highly Offensive... Well, better just buy a Gorilla Costume and Say I'm Harambe...
Wait, Harambe is now Cultural Appropriation...

A Gorilla is now Cultural Appropriation, according to Florida State University... I want to know WHAT CULTURE are people appropriating when wearing a Harambe Costume. Gorilla Culture? or are they implying that the Gorilla Costume is offensive against Black People? IF so, then THEY ARE THE RACISTS HERE. An Ape is an Ape and a Human is a different kind of Ape (biologically speaking) but it's not the same. Saying that a Gorilla Costume BASED ON AN ACTUAL GORILLA IS NOT THE SAME AS DRESSING UP A GORILLA COSTUME IN A GHOSTBUSTERS COSTUME and call it Leslie Jones. See the difference? One is Remembering a figure in Popular Culture, Harambe the Gorilla. The other one is a racist attack towards a not so funny comedienne.

Lucasfilms and the House of Mouse are hunting down everything... Now they're after a Fencing Academy that teaches Theatrical Fencing using an Elegant weapon for a more Civilized age. Sad part is that Disney and Lucasfilms ARE WITHIN their rights to protect their IP. But the problem lies in the Sue-Happy Hyper Litigious methods that make them look like the bad guys. Now if they could work out a deal with this group to become the only OFFICIAL Lightsaber Academy, then it would be good for both the Academy and Disney...

Russell Crowe allegedly got into a fight with Azealia Banks. Apparently he choked her and called her a racial slur. Thing is that I don't know who to believe. I know Crowe is known for being Problematic, but Banks ain't no saint either.

I'm off to bed... Spike! Play the Crowe Lullaby!

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