Oct 7, 2016

Further thoughts on the Super7 "Ultimate Editions"

I am surprised at the level of divisiveness that these figures have caused. So, I'd like to share a bit more of my thoughts on these now that a day has passed from the reveal and I've had time to cool down and not fire from the hip.

First I must point out the Following:

Masters of the Universe, for the first time in its 30+ years of existence has switched hands from Mattel to another company to make ACTION FIGURES and since Super7 IS MAKING MOTUC for the first time it's OBVIOUS that they would tackle some of the core characters.

What Super7 will do is no different to what Hasbro did when they took over the Marvel License. Expecting Super7 to right out of the bat jump to Songster, Master Sebrian, Random Filmation Villager #4 and the Mask of Power Demons is Stupid and Moronic.

They WILL COME, but they also need to have the main folks available if they want to have some customers BEYOND the Hardcore MOTUC fanbase. Remember that Matty BARELY DID ANYTHING to promote the line... Much less after Toyguru died and now his ghost haunts the dot org forums with his "we wuz Kangz and shiet!" posts. I feel the need to point out that I'm saying this with a tongue-in-cheek tone... Something something People get their feelings hurt, especially Mattel employees, who need to be coddled even more than a San Franciscan Gender Studies uh, student.

We also know that the deal between Mattel and Super 7 has some kinks that heven't been ironed out AND that Mattel owns MOTU and Super7 has the License to produce MOTU figures. This means that the figures NEED Mattel's approval before being shown by Super7.

With that said, the only thing they could release were Repaints/Redecos of Figures already made by Mattel with zero new sculpts to produce them ASAP.

This allows people who haven't gotten into MOTUC because of the insane Secondary Market prices to get into MOTUC. It also allows folks who got a bit late and have a few gaps on their collections to fill up those holes with "A vanilla version" of the character.

It also harkens back to the Vintage and mini comic Versions of the toys. A He-Man that comes with the Vintage Head and a more Vintage Toy-like Palette. (Wish the fur on his loincloth was more reddish) and a True Vintage Toy Skeletor (Aside the loincloth) that will not chip off paint is a godsend. A Vanilla Teela for less than $100 is a godsend. The toys also have Alcala Mini Comic pieces to somewhat achieve that look. Alcala swords for He-Man, Skeletor and Faker, Alcala heads for He-Man and Skeletor. Teela's blonde ponytail head is a no-new sculpt substitute for an Alcala Teela.

These are Super7's chance to bring forth new fans and help those who missed out. Even some collectors that HAVE THESE CHARACTERS can benefit from them. Extra Vintage Toy or Oo-Larr head for He-Man. No need to have a Headless Oo-Larr if you follow Mini comics lore for your He-Man. Now your Flying fists or Battle Armor can have a Vintage Toy head as well. Now you can have an Alcala Power Sword and not leave Dare without his sword. Also, some of the 2008-2009 figures have SEVERELY LOOSE ANKLES... *cough*He-Man*cough*

Now the Importance of these "Ultimates" is that Let's look at those He-Man heads... They are from a Matty Sub Exclusive... Let that Sink in. Super7 can release a figure with past Matty Sub Exclusive parts... What's stopping them from rereleasing an Ultimate version of a Certain Matty Sub Exclusive?
Not only that but important characters that Matty messed up Like say Roboto or Frosta, are fair game for an "ultimate" treatment that may allow for newly sculpted pieces to boost their desirability.
They will not redo T.U.R.D. Figures like Nepthu or my much beloved/hated Spector, but revisiting a few of the core hard to find characters seems like a good thing.

These are not for Everyone, as I said, I AM Skipping Ram Man, but they are a promising start...
Imagine if they reach other figures like TRUE Vintage Toy Merman, maybe Zodac, Mini Comics Trap Jaw with pieces to make a Green Kronis... or even a True Vintage Toy Randor with Jitsu Armor and Strobo Cape.

Now I shall wait for the Collector's choice and the Filmation Releases, which BTW, Rumor has it that while the subs are "Quarterly" The quarters would alternate between subs. Q1 and Q3 would be Collector's Choice and Q2 and Q4 would be Filmation... Translation: 4 Figures Each Quarter... Sounds a bit Wallet Rapey, but if you choose only ONE of the subs, then it's less painful.

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