Oct 7, 2016

More Super7 MOTUC News...

This bit of news comes form ToyHype USA, so here's the link for the Original Article. Of course, I will share my opinions about it...

– The Roton is being considered. Due to its size and likely high price point, Super 7 might go to the route of Kickstarter for this. It is too early to speculate on pricing and release date.
So, that means there is No Roton coming From Matty. Guess that dispels the November release Rumor... Hopefully the Trooper Rumor is still true. For those who don't know, there's a rumor that the Single Carded Horde Trooper will be released in November. Take it with a grain of salt, because Supposedly, the Roton was coming in November too! these troopers better happen otherwise I'd have to stick a few extra heads from my extra non-sub Sunders SOMEWHERE!!

– Snake Mountain is coming. The revised version that is scaled down a bit that the Four Horsemen told us that they had done before Power-Con, which was revealed in our interview with Cornboy of the Four Horsemen, is in China right now being priced out for Super 7.

We already knew the Snake Mountain being priced thing, but Are the ToyHype USA guys really that sure that it IS COMING? If true, then

– Stridor is coming. Most likely in 2017.
Makes sense, since Mattel Released Nightstalker in 2016... Mine is still MIA as well as my Sub Sunder. And Fisto needs his Little Robot Pony to joust against Jitsu.

– The official launch date for Masters of the Universe Classics may or may not be in January 2017. They are still working on all of the factors that go into this and won’t know for sure for at least another month, when they promise to have more information for fans.
This matches what I've read in other places that November would be when some more announcements would be made, due to the ironing the kinks in the contract with Mattel.

– Mattel is completely out of the picture. We had asked about the engineering side, as the Horsemen sculpt it, the design and engineering part was done in house at Mattel. This will no longer be the case. Super 7, even though they are only six people, will work on all the factors such as material, packaging, and day to day operations. It sounds that they are confident and ready for this challenge. 
IF Mattel is Completely Out of the Picture, I wonder if Gary Goddard would be more willing to allow the Movie designs and Original Characters who DIDN'T GET A TOY IN THE 80s be made... Yes, I'm talking about Karg and Lubic... Though I wouldn't say no to He-Dolph and Chiquita Banana Skeletor. Now since The Horsemen might be the ones tackling Design, we might not get any more Ruben-esque blunders! Super7, heed Barret's advice...

Wait... It could also mean that Super7 is managing the engineering... I second Barret's Statement...

Super 7 does not have the license to do She-Ra at this time. So She-Ra Filmation style figures are on hold right now. 

Looks like Barret took the words right out of my mouth... I guess that Ultimate Shadow Weaver will have to wait.

– Super 7 can do Mini-comic, Filmation, 200X, etc. Just not She-Ra.
The dream still lives on for 200X He-Man vs Skeletor... Hurry up and get those She-Ra rights!
Most of the TOP wants happen to be Filmation Characters FROM She-Ra
– Ram Man’s shirt is orange, which is accurate to the mini-comics. 

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words  Spike, that Link better not be related to the Gullwings... I'm NOT GONNA PLAY FFX-2 until I begin FFX for the PS3... which Is still MOC... Holy crap! I have had a MOC game for over a year!? Blasphemy!

I guess the only thing to do now is:

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