Oct 6, 2016

Super7 dropped us a Bomb!

It's repaints/redos of certain core characters. BEFORE you start complaining, listen up!
The deal with Mattel still has some kinks to iron out, so NO NEW CHARACTERS CAN BE SHOWN AT THE MOMENT. What they can show now is Somewhat Deluxe versions of Past Characters, that will not be part of the sub, but up for preorder. I got the info on a closed Facebook group, so I can't post a link at the moment. Luckily for us, Preternia Dot Com has some pics on Twitter.

The figures are:

Cardback Repaint Ram Man: TO ME this is a meh, BUT I understand why some would be SUPER STOKED about him. But he's pretty much the same as Matty Ram Man. (Will skip)

Teela: Same Teela as the one that popped my MOTUC Cherry. Maybe in slightly brighter colors, BUT HERE'S WHERE THE DELUXE kicks in: She comes with her Normal Redhead Teela look. a Second BLONDE Normal Teela Look, BGTeela Head, Cobra Headdress head, she comes with her sword, shield, staff of Ka AND the Spear of the Green Goddess. (Must buy one OR two if the Price is Right...)

Faker: He's Faker... Just like the Matty Faker, but with the Ax and Shield included, Also, FAKER ALCALA SWORD, Fakeminator head and Vintage head. Hopefully, Mr. Flynn from Super7 may add an Oo-Larr head for Faker. (Must buy one)

He-Man: Well, The main guy was expected to get a revisit. He's the same as the Matty He-Man, but adding the Alcala Sword and the Vintage Toy and Oo-Larr heads to the mix. (Most likely to buy one)

90% Vintage Toy Accurate Skeletor... Basically the same Skeletor body we got with the DB Skeletor but with the Vanilla Skeletor Harness. Add the Alcala Power Sword, the Demo-Man head, Keldor's head and cape to the mix. (Must buy one... Need an extra Skeletor after sacrificing mine to make Caesilian the Blue Snakeman also, the cape can fit my 200X-ized Skeletor) To be honest, the one piece that doesn't truly fit is Keldor's head, but I'll take it if it means a non-blastic DB Skeletor buck!

For being basically a bunch of redos, they ARE Tempting. Now there will be 8 Collector's Choice and 8 Filmation Sub-line up for Quarterly subs. (2 figures per quarter) As stated before, these won't be shown for now due to kinks in the contract that need to be ironed out.

They are still figuring out how to do Snake Mountain (please figure it out for my Mom's sake) If done it's gonna be expensive (guessing $500-range) 

But back to the redos: Do you know what this means? We could get a Roboto with corrected shoulders and possibly both hands being removable... Possibilities!!

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