Oct 10, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: Putting the Girl back in Supergirl

Completing my Superhero Girls duo is Supergirl... Spike! Roll the clip!

I intend to use this as the De-Powered form of My Fan Continuity Daughter of He-Man, so She Won't Be Supergirl for long. I might get a Poison Ivy to repaint and use as Perfuma's Daughter and a Bumblebee to be Clamp Champ's daughter.

The funny thing is that this "Catholic Schoolgirl" outfit suits Supergirl better than WW's Outfit. It screams High School Girl/ Superhero at the same time.

Head on a ball joint, but I can't move the head. Feels like I'm twisting the peg connected to the torso. that's a bit scary
Pseudo Balljoint shoulders, Balljoint elbows, rotating wrists
Pseudo balljoint thighs, hinged knees and boot rotation.

Paint and sculpt:

She has the \S/ tampo'd on her chest, but on her shoes it's sculpted, but unpainted. Other than that she's pretty much a Catholic Schoolgirl Supergirl. Her looking 12-13 years old helps sell the "young Heroine" look that they are going for. Especially since she's Shorter than WW.

Her Super Stiff and Removable cape. Very Meh... You can't count her cape as an accessory. It's part of her uniform! Sadly, since she's being Marketed for Little Girls, and this is Mattel we're speaking of, she is Lacking stuff that would have made her cooler. (A Heat Vision accessory would've been nice... or maybe a Honking Chunk of Kryptonite...)

  Supergirl gets a 3.0 as her overall score. Limited Articulation and Lack of Accessories did hurt her score a bit. I know these are for Little Girls, but Mattel needs to do better. I mean they see toys for boys coming with accessories, weapons, etc. and Supergirl here... has her cape!

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