Sep 16, 2016

So, the end of the Shapeways Summer Extravaganza is here! Savage AXE!!

The end is nigh... Dare felt it! But let us talk about DJ Force's Savage Axe. Here's a link to his Shapeways store. So, the Savage Axe. As seen on the Rack picture, the Axe is a nod to the 2D Art
It's closer to the art than the One Tone Silver Vikor Ax that we got for Castle Grayskull.

There isn't much that can be said about this ax, since it's a 3D Take on the 2D Art. It complements The Rack, and it feels like it could also work on that Bread Warrior guy. Or the Green Haired Argentine dude...

It IS RATHER SHORT, BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS IN THE ARTWORK. I must say that the Shorter size makes it more dangerous, seeing that you'd need to be up close and personal with it.

It's a simple piece that works on its own or in combination with Other Items. If you have a Triangular Rack (made by yourself, or bought from a third party maker) the Axe is a VERY WELCOME ITEM!

Any more Savage and this Ax would demand that you eat a Slim Jim...

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