Sep 24, 2016

Random thoughts during the 2016 Blackout.

For those of you who are unaware, Puerto Rico suffered a massive blackout this week. I didn't spend too much time online. (Was only able to charge my phone at work once, before we were sent home because of an issue with an emergency generator.) So, during the 56 hours of the blackout, I went through some random thoughts.

Golden Age Batman is a bit of a hypocrite... He supposedly has this no guns or no killing creed.
I was able to find a few trade paperbacks of Golden Age Batman (Translated in South American Spanish... Uruguay or Argentina) and Golden Age Batman killed people almost all the time... Note the Editor's note on that picture. I laughed when I read it... Also, Golden Age Batman comics were racist AF.
Mental Patient mutated by
Hugo Strange...
An innocent victim was killed
by Batman...

Man, this Batman kills a lot and in some cases he even lectures Robin about NOT KILLING, while he leaves a trail of bodies much bigger than Snyder's take on Batman.

Finally, I went through the Hyrule Historia. It's a Decent book if you're VERY, VERY, VERY into The Legend of Zelda. It has Developers notes, concept art, the Official Nintendo Timeline to the Legend of Zelda (wonder how the WiiU Zelda game will alter that). It even made me interested in playing Skyward Sword... and the Oracle games... I think I'll pass on the Oracle games... They're expensive as heck and my GBA is Deader than...

Speaking of Martha!! Does Batman get Triggered whenever he watches this?

 But to be fair, I kinda understand him. While helping people evacuate the premises when the generator had an issue at work, an old lady yelled my Mom's nickname and I froze for a moment. I mean chill on the back of my neck, my body went completely stiff... and my eyes were watery. I stopped myself before I did something stupid (going Batffleck on the old lady)

The Blackout did weaken the grip that Pokémon Go! had on me. First, I needed to save most of my cellphone's power for emergencies (and occasional checking of my Facebook and the PREPA twitter to see if my zone would be getting power anytime soon) Secondly, now that I have Power, I haven't felt a strong urge to play the game. Tappers of Grayskull, on the other hand, has drawn a bit more of my attention... All that's left is unlocking Roboto and Marlena and I unlock all the Masters.

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