Sep 7, 2016

Shapeways Madness Round 4: Go Ninjor Bow!

This one is a pretty straightforward one: Mattel's bow for Ninjor sucks ass!
There is a lack of NINJAS in this review, since mine are busy building a bridge or something. Yes, there is a Real World Ninja Bridge that happens to have the same name as that infamous ANNOYING Orange and Blue clad Ninja... BELIEVE IT!! Really It's called the Great Naruto Bridge... (Ōnaruto-kyō in Japanese)
OK, my lazy ass hasn't unpacked the rest of My MOTUC, Ponies, MLs or videogames...

Back to the main topic: Ninjor bow with fused arrows sucks ass. Lucky for us that He-Bro took time to make a Bow for Ninjor that doesn't have an Arrow stuck on it. I'm keeping mine unpainted because it's stealthier than a Silver Bow. The coolest thing is that He-Bro not only made a Bow but he also made 3 Arrows for you to use.
You can paint them in different colors and say they're "Specialty arrows" One for Poisonous Arrow, One for Normal Arrow, and the last one for Explosive Arrow or something. It stinks that we have to go through Shapeways to fix an issue that shouldn't exist, but at least IT HAS A SOLUTION... (Now I need to get 2 more for my other Ninjors.)
All you have to do is tie a rope and that's it... (Paint it before hand if you're going to paint it.)

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