Mar 5, 2015

It came from the Toy Chest: Believe it! (no, not Naruto)

But it IS a NINJARRIFIC It Came from the toy chest! I am talking of Mattel's very own Ninja Warrior... who is really Ninjor, but Mattel lost the Ninjor Trademark... and I better like this figure because I have 3 of him... (One from my sub and two more that I bought on the Day of Sale for Army Building...) Can't simply have ONE Ninja warrior... Ninja are cannon fodder... Ask the TMNT, or Christopher Lambert... or any Kombatant...

So, the evil ninja that work for Skeletor...
He was one of the later waves figure... Pure parts reuse (aside the head and cloth items)
Now he has gone through the classicizer machine and gotten a really lame bio...
Real Name: Unknown
Armed with nunchucks, a longsword and longbow, this awful assassin was summoned from another world by a spell of light to serve Skeletor on Eternia. His mission is to eliminate all of the Heroic Warriors one by one until He-Man no longer has any help in defending Eternia. This Ninja Warrior, sometimes called “Ninjor” by his foes, always moves with great speed, skill and silence. His true motivation however has been kept secret from all. Even while serving Skeletor, he reports back to his true master, Horde Prime, detailing Skeletor’s weak points and how to exploit them. Ninjor appears out of nowhere to ambush Heroic Warriors!
Hulk Hogan and THREE Ninjors? Am I referencing a bad
Normally I save Bio discussions for Episodes of Council of the First Ones, but I MUST reemphasize the awfulness of this bio.

Awful assassin... It sounds more like he SUCKS ASS at being an assassin, than he is an awful human being who happens to work by assassinating people.

HE was summoned by Skeletor, but he works for Horde Prime... Think of all the planets in the five dimensions of the MOTU Universe, Skeletor simply found an assassin who happened to serve Horde Prime?

Let's just move on to the figure...
Shapeways and fans do
what Mattel can't

Standard MOTUC Articulation with limited Ankle movement due to the new Shins. (Reuse form Kobra Khan it seems)
Paint and Sculpt:
The vintage Ninjor was simply the evil buck with an Asian looking head and cloth armor. Boy, am I glad the Horsemen ignored the vintage look and went for something new... Seriously, I half expected the Preternia He-Man Armor in black for him... He looks badass... I'm seriously tempted to paint Ninjor 2 and 3 with Yellow and Blue accents on the costume... Then I'd need Ninjors 4, 5,6,7,8 to make some more NINJAs...(Gray, black, purple, red, and green) Also getting some NA Skeletors to remove the armor and get casts of Ninjor's head and armor to make Robot Ninja (In Red, Yellow, Gray and Blue)!! because REASONS!!! Here he gets a 5.0
Two complaints here: No chains on the chucks... Bow with arrow molded to it.
But for every complaint that I have with the figure there's a few things that he GETS RIGHT! Let's start with the Katana. It's a Real Looking Katana and not Jitsu's sword in Silver.
Then we have the quiver. Sure, the Bow sucks ass, but the quiver can hold it AND another accessory! THAT IS AWESOME Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Second Head looks cool!
It has a ponytail and looks badass on a single Ninjor acting as Grandmaster Ninja or something.

His final accessory is a Belt for Jitsu, which makes the Warrior with the Golden Hand more 200X Like... When you have Multiple Ninjors, you can make one of them into a Ninja Grandmaster and give him the Jitsu Belt. Personally I'd repaint the red black and the gold red... or maybe keep the gold. I'm still a bit torn on that.
I have to say a 4.0 due to the two failed weapons.
Here Ninjor gets a 4.33 as his final score. I blame Mattel's lack of foresight in balancing the budget for him for some of his lost points. Me needing to go through shapeways to fix him is not a good solution.
Love having 3 of him. Makes the displays more dynamic!

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