Mar 1, 2015

first Official Jem Still... Pretty low on the Outrageous.

Jem! She's in Sharknado! Ooh Jem! Looks like a bad Two-Face Cosplay. This pic had been circling the interwebs for some time... Or a more blurry version of this pic.

I've been mega underwhelmed by this project and this still confirms most of my fears.
It has a bit of an 80s vibe, but in a "I wasn't born in the 80s, but this is what I think the 80s were thanks to Saved By The Bell reruns.

Seriously, Jem's Facepaint makes her look more like Two Face and less like Jem. I've seen Cosplayers who look WAY BETTER than what the OFFICIAL HOLLYWOOD MOVIE Version of Jem does.

I'd say that this movie is above 50 Shades of Grey in bad... and maybe it would be on par with Fantastic Four on the badness scale.

I wanted to be wrong, but every bit of the movie that gets revealed seems to confirm my fears.

I want to eat crow with this movie, but I'm not worried.

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