Mar 7, 2015

Odds and ends 3/7/2015 Metal Gear, 200X Sub, MOTU Movie.

Metal Gear Solid V finally got a release date... It wasn't on February as earlier rumors stated. It's on September 1, 2015. There is also a collectors edition coming with a Replica of Big Boss' Cybernetic arm and some other stuff... But BIG BOSS' FREAKING ARM!! It's tempting me... if the collectors stuff ain't on PS3, I'm skipping it because I'm not an owner of a PS4 or an XBone... blame Grayskull and the Battle Ram. I better check out this week if I can upgrade my preorder to a Collector's edition.

I haven't been super pushy with the 200X Mini sub... A few days back, we got Mattel's second update and we're on 39%... It's a decent number for 9 days. Sadly, we have less than a month to reach the goal. I'm glad that we no longer have Scott Neitlich using panic and chaos to sell subs, but I honestly hope we reach the numbers before the sub period ends. I NEED those 200X heads and a Queen Grayskull, not to mention Evil Seed, 2 Ceratuses, or Cerati. The other guys are cool, but these 3 are TOP PRIORITY for me.

Somebody at SONY tweeted this pic. Supposedly this is production art or concept art for the Grayskull Roid Rage version of Cringer.

I'm not digging the Sepia Tone on the pic. I need to know if he is green... I like the armor though. It looks very Battle Cat-like. That is a good thing.

Hopefully we'll get something more than a pic of Battle Cat... Need to hear that they started filming!!

Looks like Harrison Ford still has some of that Indiana Jones and Han Solo moxie in him. He survived a plane crash in a World War II era plane...

I know this happened a few days ago, but back then the identity of the pilot wasn't confirmed. Now we know it was Harrison Ford. I got to give credit to the man. He pulled off a great plane crash where he came out of it alive and was able to make it to an area where the number of casualties could be a minimum while piloting a vintage aircraft.

That's pretty much. movie hero badassery pulled off in real life. I hope that he can recover from his wounds relatively fast... I mean the guy is 72 years old and he's got more badassery on his pinky toe than a lot of people much younger than him.

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