Mar 17, 2015

Prahvus revealed... No Neitlich, No secrets?

I did mention that the 200X subs may be in danger. Last update we got was at 50% and we're slightly under 6 days for the deadline. Well, Mattel sent me and many 2015 MOTUC Club Eternia Subscribers an e-mail with a picture of the FINAL Club 200X Figure: Prahvus.
Oh Holy Crap!!! He Looks Awe to the Some!!

Now back to Mr. Prah... or Mr. Vus... I fear the Neitlichian real name for him. So Horny 200X dude! He seems to have gotten a new head, Loincloth, Right Forearm, Armor and Shins. 6 New Pieces plus the accessories. He LOOKS very 200X WHILE USING THE CLASSICS PROPORTIONS and he looks BADASS!
Not only that but we get another independent Villain for the heroes to fight that ACTUALLY LOOKS THREATENING!

Now let's look at the 200X Minisub Lineup:
-A Golem
-A Plant Devil (or Evil Plant God)
-A Reptilian Savage Warrior
-A Winged Priestess
-A Yeti
-A Demonic Warlord
-A Headpack to make more badass versions of some past characters OR TO CREATE A NEW Character from the same species as the older characters... If you prefer keeping the characters with their vintage looks.

This has been the Most FANTASY-LIKE Lineup on the mini subs... Don't believe me? Let's look at the other Line-ups:

Club 30th:
-A Cyborg Paparazzo
-A Dragon Man
-A Purple Deadpool
-A Laser Knight who looks like Cobra Commander at a Renn faire.
-A Microman character with Big Scissors
-An Anthropomorphic Castle Grayskull

Club Filmation:
-A Blue Skinned Eskimo
-A Vampire dressed as a Barbarian Batman
-A Blue Witch in a caped swimsuit
-A Pirate who looks like a Beautician
-A Confused Pharaoh
-A Cyborg with a big Arm

Club Etheria:
-A Flamboyant Spy
-An Old Overweight Cartoony Witch
-An Evil Rapunzel
-A Bee Girl
-A Dancer
-Space She-Ra
-An Anthropomorphic Crystal Castle

But, because it features characters that were NOT from the 80s, this line-up that the characters could fit easily with the Original MOTU's first 3 waves is being rejected by some because it wasn't made in the 80s... That's a shame. MOTUC is an anthology line and in some cases it has helped expand and reconcile contradicting things. (Even though they dropped the ball with the Post New Adventures stuff)

It would be a shame to miss out on these AMAZING FIGURES! So, go to Mattycollector and get a club 200X minisub... Let's make these Badass toys HAPPEN!!

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