Mar 14, 2015

odds and ends 3/14/15 Buffy, He-Man, Westeros, Spidey

Xander Harris, Sunnydale's most badass normal human, played by Nicholas Brendon...

Well, seems that Mr. Brendon has gotten in trouble and there's no Buffy to save the day... He was arrested for trashing a Hotel Room. Not the first time he's done this...

Neitlich should not quit his day job to become a comic book writer...
Read the Oo-Larr mini comic (which I'll discuss with more detail on an upcoming COTFO and a a rant) but without spoiling anything else... IT SUCKS ASS! the saving grace is the artwork.
How bad is it? Well look at the pic on the left and tell me.

Do you feel the love?
That's the Neitlichverse for ya!
Now you understand why the Neitlichverse makes me sick!

Stupidity sense tingling! The Spectacular Spider-Man, aka the SECOND REBOOT in less than 15 years of Spider-Man supposedly has a director and may have an Ironman Cameo... That's not the stupid thing.

The Stupid thing is the rumors about trying to please the SJW crew by changing Parker's race.
For the same reason that I don't want an Asian T'Challa or a Inuit Wonderman is why I do not want a non-white Peter Parker... I want my characters to resemble their comic book counterparts as close as humanly possible. People bitched about the Cat on the first Hunger Games having the wrong fur color. Changing the main character's race or gender  because "Social Justice" IS WRONG! Yes, we should have more minorities, but not at the expense of taking established characters and switching them with minorities. Remember that this is coming from a person who by all intents and purposes would be considered "a minority" in continental US.

Gerogie, slow ass R.R. Martin is STILL TRYING TO BUY TIME to not finish the books.
Some HBO Exec and GRRM seem to be pushing for 10 seasons and a movie. Seems that Georgie is forgetting that the Stark Children are growing... Just look at Maisie Williams... She'll be 18 on April 15th (she was 13-14 when the show started...) She'll be 23 by the time the show's over and Arya is supposed to be like 10... Just keep it at seven and Glue GRRM to the seat in front of his typewriter!

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