Mar 30, 2015

Odds and ends: March 30th 2015

There's a Stark in the TARDIS... and I like it!
Though I don't want to tell her that Ned's Death is a fixed point in time because Sean Bean...

Sadly, I guess this will be a guest appearance, but that crossover is screaming fanfic... GET TO IT HORRIBLE FANFIC WRITERS!! Give me a Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and My Little Pony fanfiction crossover!

Ronda Rousey's Power level is 9001!! Or at least her Vegeta Shirt was cool!

I'd make a Respect my Authoritah! joke, but HHH and Steph McMahon are already a joke when doing the Authoritah bit.

Now let's talk Wrestlemania:
Lesnar vs Reigns:
Roman Reigns wasn't ready to be champ. He's OK, but OK is not enough. Brock Lesnar is an Awful champ. He's a good fighter, but due to his condition and Part Time Wrestler status, giving him the belt would have been cheap (as it has been this last year). Vinnie Mac and the writing staff had very little choice than use Seth Rollins and the Money in the Bank angle.

Cheap victory? Yeah... But now Rollins has a HUGE target on his back... Robbing BOTH LESNAR and REIGNS from the belt means that he has TWO UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUTS who want his head... or we would if the writers do a decent story after WM...

Taker vs Wyatt:
I don't know... This match was a year too late and the result was predictable. After losing to Part-Time Lesnar, the WWE thought that beating Bray Wyatt would help Taker recover some badass points... To me it didn't. Basically The Original product beat up the Dollar Store Knockoff. Not to mention how this undermines Wyatt as the new face of fear in the WWE.

Rusev vs Dollar Store Hogan... I mean Cena:
Boring outcome that was expected because of Patriotism... Give them the song, Spike!

Diva's match:
Don't care for it, but Bella Twins lost. Meh.

Walking Water Fountain vs Dollar Store Crow:
Cripple H won because it's the obvious outcome. WWE had to completely bury the WCW by having The Authoritah's own HHH beat the "face of WCW". Bringing Sting for THAT was rather lame... But in all fairness, it was a good match!

The rest of the WM? I don't give a damn! The few matches I saw cemented why I stopped caring about the WWE aside the occasional WTF news event that happens.

2017 will be Jackman's last SNIKT! Because once Wolverine 3 comes, he's done with Logan... which to be fair It's been 17 years of Jackman as Wolverine...

Wonder if Deadpool will be where the Replacement Wolvie will show up...

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