Mar 10, 2015

Veena: Queen of Castle Grayskull finally revealed!

Dear Princess Celestia:
I think I need a new pair of shorts after watching this amazing reveal of the 200X Figure of the Mini Sub that I wanted the most. Friendship lesson? OK... I learned that I shouldn't watch Mattel Reveals with friends or co-workers because I tend to overreact when I see them.
Your Faithful Student. Nefty!

Now that I got the whole Nicole Oliver = Veena = Sunbutt joke out of the way, let's talk Veena!!

Oh Holy Crap! She looks FAN-EFFING-TASTIC!!

The FourHorsemen Captured the 200X Look of Veena and made her come alive in Plastic!

The sub period isn't over but we KNOW ALL of the reveals, Mattel has kindly shown us ALL of them save Prahvus and Chooblah... and if we believe the last percentage update by Mattel, they HAVE the Prahvus Prototype.

Seriously, it's been A WHOLE NEW WORLD ever since Neitlich left...

Cue the Disney song...

All jokes aside, the new reveal is Freaking Sweet! and she WILL Complement a KG + BL Display if you're into 200X, or a KG+BL+Zodak+SLL+TMS+He-Ro+Tytus+Eldor+Hamburglar He-Man if you follow the Neitlichverse version of MOTU.

If you haven't subbed up yet, you should sreiously consider it... If you're not into 200X she could fill in the role of Sorceress Teela.

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