Mar 22, 2015

Donnie pulls a Duke and The TAINT strikes back!

Donnie is VERY LIKELY to return as Cyber Donnie. There was a Cybernetic Turtle Organism in the 90s... back when the Turtles Hung out with a Hulk Knock-off with a fin on his head.

I guess this is where IDW is heading, minus the Hulk Knock-off with a fin on his head. A Recent Article by BleedingCool shows a page of an upcoming TMNT comic in which Donatello is in a coma... Cue the GI Joe clip.

This was the expected outcome of the whole Death of Donnie thing, but does this mean that we're bringing some of the weirder stuff of Past TMNT to life in this new series?

Are we going to see The Night Watcher or will Raph go Full Shredder? Or even worse...

Speaking of WTF worthy TMNT news...
Jonathan Liebesman is no longer the Director of TAINT 2: Secret of the Ooze? Wait... What's this?
The movie will be produced by Paramount and Nickelodeon? No Michael Bay... No Michael Bay!?
The new team will be filming scenes in New York and the movie has a 2016 release date.
The director for this sequel is the same guy who directed Robotic E.T. I think that being BAY FREE is a good thing... Now if we could get the TMNT to look like the TMNT, would be a HUGE Improvement.

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