Mar 25, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Me He-Man you Jane!

Oo-Larr is finally here. With a horrible mini comic, but we aren't touching that here.

So, he's He-Man with LESS CLOTHES ON... Based on the Pre-Filmation Mini Comics, where He-Man was a barbarian... Since Classics is an Anthology line (with a horribly butchered Story that tries to bring conflicting continuities together) we have the Pre-Filmation He-Man...

This figure is Naked on a Standard buck, so the Articulation is the basic Articulation minus the boot cut due to the naked legs. There's really not much to write about in here... 4.0

One of these He-Men is not like the others...
Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt here is fairly simplistic... Naked body and a different loincloth. Same thing with the paints. The little paint used is applied nicely.

He has a Spear that looks a bit off, a sword, and a Vintage Toy Inspired head for He-Man. I put it on my Normal He-Man and BA He-Man... It looked OK, but I went back to the Standard Classics heads on them... I thought I would've liked the head, but I didn't... If I had a second Vintage head, I'd totally paint the hair brown and put it on my Poor-Dar (Poor Substitute for Wun-Dar) to make him look LESS LIKE A HE-MAN Repaint and more like an unique character.
4.5 bumped up to 5.0 once you add Huntara's Ax.

Oo-Larr gets a 4.33 without counting Huntara's Ax. If we count it he gets a 4.5 as his score. I KINDA Like him, but he's a bit underwhelming... The Craptacular Neitlichverse comic didn't help him much. I still stand with the idea that Despara would have been the better exclusive.
But, in the name of fairness, if you're into the Pre-Filmation Era, having him posed with DB Skeletor's body and Toothless Skeletor's armor makes for a freaking cool display of He-Man vs Skeletor.

Buuuuuuuut! If you can kinda follow the Neitlichverse without puking your guts out... Or if your fan continuity has plenty or protectors of the sword, but only Adam is He-Man and have some free stands... you could do this:

 Then you add two of the past warriors (or Vanilla He-Man and She-Ra) to have your very own hall of Heroes of Grayskull. (Will show a completed pic when Veena arrives)

Or if you don't care at all for Jungle He-Man, you can pop the spare Adam head on him and have BGTeela with him for Beach Day Adam and Teela! Or Honeymo~on! variants...

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