Mar 11, 2015

So, we are getting TWO Ghostbusters films.

This "Second Film" is supposed to have a male cast... Something something Channing Tatum.
I don't know what's worse: getting Bridesmaids 2: Paranormal Boogaloo! or getting Bridesmades 2: Paranormal Boogaloo! and a GB movie with Channing Tatum... Seriously, he's like Megan Fox, but with Dangling Genitalia!!

Wait... What if, one of the Ghostbusters movies IS BASED AFTER THIS?

The Incredibly horrible NES Game... I mean, what's left to do in this incredible ball of suck that has become of Ghostbusters...

With Ramis dead, Murray not interested in doing any GB after the amazing Ghostbusters: The videogame... (which is pretty much GB3) Why in Zuul's name is Akroyd trying to cash in on it?
Just give it up man! You seem more desperate for money than the time you appeared on Casper.

But to be fair, at least you didn't DO Garfield 1 and 2...

This should be scrapped and maybe reboot it in 2045...

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