Mar 20, 2015

Leonardo leads, Donatello is turtle Soup... WTF, Jack?

IDW comics killed Donatello in the latest TMNT comic... Their Method for Killing Donnie?

I know that IDW was doing a great job in badassifying Rocksteady and Bebop, but KILLING DONATELLO is not how you make them badass...

Because, let's face it... Comic Book deaths nowadays don't mean what they used to mean... I'll be honest, It sucks that they killed Donnie... Why not Raph, the Ultrabadass? THAT would have made more badasses out of Rocksteady and Bebop than having them kill the geeky turtle.

But, we can sense Donnie coming back... My guess?
as a Cybernetic Turtle Organism... Think about it...

Now who will DO Machines?

Not me! But Donnie becoming Half Machine or 95% Machine would help him to do machines... heh heh!

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